TripAdvisor Listing Optimisation

Hotels, restaurants, bars, pubs, and any other business in the hospitality industry depends largely on positive reviews and a positive online reputation. TripAdvisor is the top review website across the web and, with their trusted reviews, customers around the world use this site to make important travel decisions.

Why do you need TripAdvisor?

Given the huge impact of this site on the travel and hospitality industry, it makes sense to see businesses from around the world listed all in one place. If for no other reason, the fact that your competitors are most probably already listed, you should get your business listing done. TripAdvisor listings also add to your online visibility, credibility, and they give your clients the opportunity to read and write reviews with ease.

 Why should you optimise your listing?

As with all things online, optimising your TripAdvisor listing will make it stand out that much more. Optimising is a multi-faceted approach which means that there are several steps that must be taken in order to achieve the desired results. These include, but are not limited to:

  • making sure your details are correct
  • uploading content in the form of photos and videos
  • getting listed on the map
  • helping build a positive online reputation
  • adding booking links to your listing
  • adding a widget to your website
  • encouraging customers to write reviews
  • responding to reviews promptly to show that you care about customer service

Our strategy

When optimising your TripAdvisor listing, we consider all of the points mentioned above and more! Not only do we perfect your listing, but we also use a strategic approach to encourage even more reviews. We understand the importance of constantly monitoring your online views and updating your information and content on a regular basis, to ensure that it’s fresh and relevant to your target audience.

TripAdvisor Listing Optimisation

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