Thai Works

The problem:

The Thai works was a new business with a new website. They relied heavily on passing traffic and repeat business. The issue was they had no online presence.
We configured the Google maps business listing and created schema code for their website.
We optimised the Thai works for the 10 most popular searches in a 5 mile radius.

As a result of the Google page optimisation and the new position on the Google Maps, during the past 30 days, 151 visits to their website and 19 direction requests.

Customer action on Thai Google my business

The restaurant also received 49 phone calls (an average of 7 new calls a day) directly from Google.

Phone calls stats from Google My Business Thai

The restaurant’s page has been seen 2,820 times, 1,960 times on the search listing and 860 times in the Google Maps Listing.

Thai Local business on Google my Business

There were 1831 searches on Google in which the restaurant’s page has shown in the search query.

Google my business listings, local searches

70.8% (1,296 customers) of the people of the people who have seen the restaurant’s page have found it by searching for generic words, like “Thai restaurant near me”, while only 29.2% (535 customers) have seen the page by searching for the name of the restaurant directly.