The Sandford Pub Wareham

The problem:

Google maps page not claimed or configured, the website was not mobile friendly, little traffic to contact page.

We took over the page and built a new website which is mobile friendly and operates within Google best practices. We optimised the 10 most popular google searches within a 5 mile radius.

Last month’s statistics

As a result of the Google page optimisation and the new position on the Google Maps, during the past 30 days, The Sandford received 337 visits to their website and 198 direction requests.

The pub also received 37 phone calls (an average of 6 new calls a day) directly from Google.

The pub’s page has been seen 8,820 times, 3,880 times on the search listing and 4,940 times in the Google Maps Listing.

There were 3,910 searches on Google in which the restaurant’s page has shown in the search query.

71.2% (2,785 customers) of the people of the people who have seen the restaurant’s page have found it by searching for generic words, like “pubs near me”, while only 28.8% (1,125 customers) have seen the page by searching for the name of the restaurant directly.