The problem:

QP LDN approached us with the following issue: they have rebranded but their Google Business Page was still showing the old name of the restaurant and they did not have any access to it in order to change this. Also, the restaurant would not show up in top 3 when searching for an Italian restaurant in the area where QP LDN is located, Mayfair.

We have undertaken QP LDN’s project and out technicians have worked closely with Google in resolving the problems the restaurant was facing with their online presence.

As a result of our work, we have managed to transfer the ownership of the page back to QP LDN’s management and also optimised their business. We have been in permanent cooperation with QP LDN’s management team and we were able to have access to all the information needed in order to redesign their Google Business presence and make it stand out.

We have also succeeded to have QP LDN show up in the top 3 Google recommendation when searching for an Italian restaurant in Mayfair.

As a result of the Google page optimisation and the new position in the top 3 results on the Google Maps, during the past 30 days, 506 visits to their website and 414 direction requests.

The restaurant also received 160 phone calls (an average of 30 new calls a day) directly from Google.

The restaurant’s page has been seen 35,600 times, 20,100 times on the search listing and 15,500 times in the Google Maps Listing.

There were 24,105 searches on Google in which the restaurant’s page has shown in the search query.

82% (19,659 customers) of the people of the people who have seen the restaurant’s page have found it by searching for generic words, like “Italian restaurant near me”, while only 18% (4,446 customers) have seen the page by searching for the name of the restaurant directly.