Be aware of the newest Google Business Listing scam

There’s a new Google Business Listing scam out there! During the past few days we have noticed increase attempts of gain access to the business pages of our customers so we decided to write a post about this scam to inform you about what to do to avoid losing your page.

If you own a Google Business Listing you will know that there is an option of adding managers. Usually you do this when you hire an external company to help you optimise your page. You also add managers to analyse the insights and make a plan on how to help your business grow. If you don’t own the listing for your business you can always claim ownership from Google.


Timing is essential

Lately we have noticed that a third party has been trying to claim ownership of a few unrelated pages of our customers. The email address they are using to claim the pages is and they pretend to be employees. The first sign that this is a Google Business Listing scam is the email address: a Gmail account. Anyone can create a Gmail address. If it belongs to the company it would have a ending. It is highly unlikely that the Gmail address actually belongs to

The message they are sending while trying to request ownership is very elaborated and if you don’t know much about search engine optimization, you might believe is genuine.

You only have 7 days to either accept or reject the request so it is very important to make sure that you see the request. The email comes directly from Google. Do not ignore the email or because after 7 days, your page will become unpublished and it won’t show on Google anymore. Getting your page back is a process that lasts for at least 20 days and it creates more hassle for you and your business.

If you receive such an email and you don’t remember authorising anyone to manage your business, refuse the request as soon as possible.

Here at Go Map My Business the security of our customers’ business listings is a priority and we make sure to keep their accounts safe. We have informed our customers about the attempts made to transfer ownership of their business listings and we have denied access to the scammers. We highly recommend that you check the email address associated with your business listing. If you receive such an email you only have 7 days to reply before your page gets unpublished and anyone can grab it.

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