How your customers’ experiences impact your business

In the past, we may have understood customer experience as being what our customers think of our product, or the manner in which we provided our services.  Due to the changes in technology and the increased value placed on social media, this definition has most certainly changed.

Instead of focussing strictly on your products and/or services, businesses need to look at the bigger picture.  This includes the customer’s experience from the moment they first consider doing business with you.

Social media provides the perfect platform to bridge the gap between customers and suppliers/retailers.  Instead of simply visiting your company website and reading all of your self-promotional content, they can read what you and others have to say on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media profiles.  Potential customers can browse through images, view videos and get to know you and your team which will make their purchase that much more personal rather than a simple transaction.

Building this kind of relationship with your existing and potential future clients will certainly mean that you will have more influence over them and they will place more weight on your advice and suggestions.  Building rapport is what it’s all about, and if you can’t do it in person, then you need to adapt your strategy to deal with this challenge online.

When you set up your social media profiles, you need to make sure that all of them share the same company information, so avoid listing one set of information on one profile and different information on another.  Your profiles need to be consistent, so make sure that they are all optimised and monitored very closely.

You cannot simply set up your accounts and expect them to run themselves.  They take time and effort, so you need to persevere.  If you are concerned about building an online following, there are many ways of attracting quality fans.  Firstly, focus on quality, take time when setting up your profiles, and don’t resort to shortcuts to complete certain fields.  Secondly, take care to share quality content.  Things like spelling errors and irrelevant or spammy posts will impede your progress, so it’s better to share fewer quality posts than overload the platform with unnecessary information.



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