How can a good optimised Google listing help your business?

Having your business listed on Google can literally be a game changer. Over the years we have seen several search engines come and go but Google is the one that has consistently improved and is undoubtedly the worldwide favourite. While some people might not like the idea of the internet being yet another of life’s popularity contests, there’s no denying the fact that being on the top of Google’s search results holds far more weight than being on top of any other search engine results. What many business owners still may wonder is just how an optimised Google listing can directly affect and benefit their business. Well, here are some key factors that will benefit if you grab that listing and make sure that it’s as optimised as it can get!


This is probably one of the most important benefits that will boost your business. Making your business that much more visible to your target audience is all part of the funnel process. If you want your number of clients to increase, you need to attract them somehow. Making your presence known is the most basic way of doing this. It’s much like putting yourself out there when you enter the dating world. Nobody will notice you if you don’t make yourself stand out. By making sure that your business is listed on Google, you are helping internet users find you and you’re also helping build brand awareness.


A verified Google listing is a great way of showing potential clients that you are real, your business is real, and they can trust you. People trust Google to do their fair share of homework before verifying a listing which is why this is such a crucial part of the optimization process. When the details listed on Google are the same as on your website, social media, and every other online location, it also helps build trust.


Having your very own listing helps encourage clients to leave reviews. It’s also great for the business owner because they can monitor and manage their reviews from the easy-to-use dashboard. Whether you receive a positive or negative review, it’s good to respond in the appropriate manner. Negative reviews are bound to come up but it’s what you do about them that really counts. As soon as you receive a review notification, you should read it. If the review is negative, it’s important that you gather the necessary information from your own files and offer a solution. In most cases, it’s better to ask the client if they wouldn’t mind contacting you in order to resolve the issue without divulging personal or confidential details.


If your competitors are listed on Google, then it stands to reason that you should catch up before it’s too late! If your competitors have not yet fully invested their time and energy into their Google listing, then this is your opportunity to sprint ahead! Either way, you don’t want your competitors to snatch clients who could quite easily have been yours. When you have an optimised listing, you can be sure that clients will flock your way rather than turn to your competition and this is always great news for any business!

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